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Most people assume that marketing is about reaching as many people as possible. Tell that to, who paid over a million bucks for one SuperBowl ad and went out of business just months later. Or more recently, Quibi, who dropped a cool $5.6 mil on a 30-second ad to reach over 200 million people, then went belly up.

Here's what they missed: Good marketing is not about reach, it's about connection.

True marketing success lies in forging genuine connections with your audience, and building a bond that keeps them coming back for more.

I've dedicated over 20 years to perfecting the art of building loyal connections, and the results have been astounding. Now I'd like to share these secrets with you...

When it comes to creating loyalty and building connections, there are 3 key elements to focus on:

First, you need to grab your audience's attention with topics that resonate and let them know they're in the right place. It's all about piquing their interest and leaving them hungry for more.

Next, we dive deep into creating that connection with your "perfect match" people—those individuals who are primed and ready to engage with your brand. Through carefully crafted messaging and strategic interactions, we foster a sense of camaraderie and trust.

Finally, we guide them towards your products and programs, making offers at precisely the right moments. It's not about simply persuading them to buy; it's about making the decision to hire you the obvious next step. We want them to see the value you bring and the transformation you offer.

That's exactly what I keep in mind when conducting a Loyalty Lens™ audit. I'll thoroughly examine your marketing, content, messaging, and the way you share information and knowledge with your audience. Together, we'll identify any missed opportunities and uncover the untapped potential for creating those devoted followers who will eagerly enroll in your programs.

Here's how it works:

  • First, we'll meet briefly to discuss your goals and your biggest challenges related to your online presence. You'll send me your website URL and any other marketing or promotional materials for your signature products or services, such as webpages, sales pages, YouTube channel, social media pages.
  • Armed with these resources, I'll dive into my creative zone and conduct a comprehensive review of your current digital presence. I'll apply the three key principles of the Loyalty Lens, assessing where pieces are missing, areas that could be improved, and where to "double down" on what's working.
  • Then we'll reconnect to do a one-hour review of our findings and provide specific, customized recommendations. This includes a simple, but strategic one-page digital marketing plan that you and your team can execute. (Additional support and done-for-you video services are available if needed).

That's it. You'll be amazed by all the exciting opportunities we can uncover!

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Lou and I have known each other since 2007. I have been following and learning from his knowledge since the day I met him. I can honestly say my business would not be where it is today without him. Anyone on the fence about any of his programs - don't hesitate. You will learn and grow - guaranteed.

— Danelle Brown, Queen Bee Consulting

Lou grew up in a television industry family and spent 22+ years in the entertainment business.

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If Don Vito Corleone, Marty Scorsese and Jerry Seinfeld got together to make an AI baby, you might end up with Lou Bortone. Lou is known as The Video Godfather, and is Consigliere to some of the brightest names in digital marketing. He’s a video marketing expert, an author, speaker, and host of “The Godfather Podcast.” Prior to becoming a “videopreneur.” Lou spent more than 20 years in the television business Lou is also a father to twins, a rescuer of Pugs, and an expert at Italian curses.

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"Lou is the guy who taught me how to start my YouTube Channel. Yes, the one that now has 246,000 subscribers and 295 Million views! Any chance you can learn from this guy, you should grab!"

- Nika Stewart, Streambank Media

"I've known Lou for as long as I've known anything about marketing online. He has ALWAYS been the go-to guy for video marketing advice, period."

- Matthew Kimberley, CEO, Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide

"Video marketing is here to stay! The savviest business owners are embracing video marketing, but many businesses are getting left behind, feeling stuck and unsure how to optimize video. Lou Bortone is a total pro in this field!"

- Mari Smith, Premier Facebook Marketing Expert